Clean, Organic Mascara - that really works!

Whenever asked if you could have only one piece of makeup what would it be, mine is always mascara! I have little eyes and short lashes and I don't use a lot of makeup but without mascara, I feel like my eyes look like I'm still sleeping! I have gone through so many different mascaras over the years from drug stores to paying more than I would like to admit to find that perfect mascara that gives me those long lush lashes they brag out in commercials.

Then I started getting into using only clean makeup and beauty products so my gears switched from vanity to healthy. I quickly discovered W3LL PEOPLE and was hooked!

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara ♁ gives you big fluffy lashes + it nourishes! It is 100% cruelty-free, petroleum-free, gluten-free, coal tar-free, aluminum-free, fiber-free and clump-free!! This formula is not only all natural which is so important when using a product daily like mascara (given the fact that our skin absorbs around 80% of what we put on it) but the formula is creamy as opposed to a liquid or gel like other mascaras. I find it lasts all day and I feel great knowing that my mascara is actually improving my lashes while getting the look I want.

♁ earth-friendly, organic, ethical goods. sustainably sourced cruelty free  no parabens, petroleum, or artificial ingredients
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