Earth-Friendly + Ethical Clothing

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I am trying to be more conscious and intentional with my shopping for ethical clothing. As well as going through my closet to downsize can keep timeless staple pieces and think about each piece and if it brings me joy. Do I really need it? Is it still in fashion? Do I have something else similar?

"Buy less, choose well, make it last." 

Vivienne Westwood

I have been getting better at shopping ethical, sustainably sourced products for hair, beauty and even home cleaning supplies. I will admit ethical clothing has been the hardest one to transition into. I want pieces that I can feel good about both because of how they feel when I'm wearing them and also for the makers who are putting positive vibes and contributing to a better planet for us.

So to step away from the mainstream brands and find modern + stylish clothing that is organic, environmentally + socially conscious, sustainable and earth-friendly while also being affordable is a balancing act. It is one that takes research and intention while shopping. I want to make better decisions about what I purchase, and I know every day there are new sustainable designers out there. I have come across a few of my personal favorites and would love you hear yours!

♁ Women + Men's clothing. Based in San Francisco. Ethical factories. Radical Transparency which means you know exactly where your garment came from while remaining affordable luxury items.

♁ Women's clothing and accessories designed for the minimal closet made with quality craftsmanship. Their minimalist motto is "Fewer, better things".

Girlfriend Collective

♁ Women's eco-friendly activewear, made from recycled materials. I have two pairs of their leggings made from recycled plastic bottles, they are my absolute favorite leggings!

Ethical Women's clothing and accessories. Fairtrade and locally made in San Fransico.

♁ Women, Men and kids activewear.  Patagonia is very upfront and transparent about the labor of their products, they will even admit the failings of their attempts to make their products as ethically as possible. Honesty is the best policy, so if you are into nature, consider buying your next hiking outfit from Patagonia. Also, they stole my heart with their "The President Stole Your Land" activist campaign to protect Bears Ear & Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments.

♁ Ethical Women's clothing and accessories. Responsible manufacturing abroad and locally made in the U.S. using sustainable methods and materials. Sourcing from sustainable and vintage fabrics.

♁ Ethical Women's clothing and accessories. "Where every purchase has a purpose", each one-of-a-kind piece is artisan made + fair trade + they give back 

I would love to add to this list. Keeping in mind a price range of what you would expect from brands like Madewell & J. Crew. Do you have any other shops or thoughts to share?


  1. I LOVE Everlane! Most of my closet is from there! haha
    I need to check out Sonnet James. I haven't heard of them. :)

    1. Hi Heidi! Yes, Everlane is ahhhmazing! I love their clean lines and modern classic styling. Let me know what you think of Sonnet James!

  2. Definitely saving this for later! Would love to know your thoughts on Free People. I don't know much, but I know they're a trendy "ethical, natural" clothing brand. They're also super pricey which is why I want to know what you think about them.

    1. Hi Maria! Yes I hope to be doing a lot more stories like this, as I am just beginning the search. I actually didn't think of Free People, mostly because I assumed they are "too commercial" or mainstream to actually be ethical.

      I did a quick search though and it appears without diving too deep that their transparency on this is questionable. While I think they support eco-savvy lines, (as does Urban Outfitters) the details on its production practices, fabrics, and how it makes its production more sustainable wasn’t easy to find or spelled out as plainly as other brands, which is a big deal to me.

  3. I love shopping at Reformation! I would love to check out these other stores, Everlane specifically, since I live in the Bay Area!

    1. Reformation is great isn't it. I think you will love Everlane, they have the best staple pieces, very modern and classic. I also love Cuyanna for classic modern pieces!