Clean Beauty: How to read the labels

There are a lot of labels out there, but do you really know what they all mean? We are getting better but we still have a long way to go. It's important to do your due diligence and research products, look at labels and understand what they mean.

There is outdated government regulations when it comes to cosmetics, that hasn't been updated since 1930.

Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013 finally introduced and awaiting for voting. But there's no pre-market approval requirement for cosmetics to be on sale in US and Canadian markets. Last month The Today Show had a segment on clean beauty and highlighted the lack of regulation within the industry. They made a little chart with labels and I decided to remake it.

Travel: Nashville, Tennessee

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I went to Nashville, Tennessee for the first time over Labor Day weekend for a friend from college's wedding. I took a girl friend of mine along with me and we made a little road trip of it. (I guess I shouldn't say little since driving from Chicago is about 7 hours!) We got an Airbnb in the Music Row neighborhood, which was close to the wedding shuttle and we used Uber and Lyft to get us around the city so we could enjoy ourselves without having to drive, (I mean it's Tennessee, we wanted that whiskey!) Everything was very close about a 5-15 min drive to get to all the main areas like East Nashville, 12 South, and the Gulch.

After a long 7 hour drive, we arrived in Nashville and settled into our Airbnb around 6 pm. We made pretty good time considering the road construction in Kentucky. Like, true tourists, we decided to hit up Broadway so we could get our honky tonk on. But we also hit up so really great shops, breweries, and distilleries. Here are my favorites and recommendations by the locals:

The Ethical Valentine Gift Guide For Him + Her

The Ethical Valentine Gift Guide for Him + Her

Well love is in the air as they say, its almost Valentine's day! I will admit I've never been a big one for this day, I guess my feeling is that I don't need a day for someone to feel obligated to give me something, I would much rather those gifts come from a place of true gift-giving. However, if you do participate in the holiday whether you're shopping for your special someone, a gal pal, or treating yourself I recommend checking out these fun gifts that empower others.

DIY Coconut Coffee Scrub

During the winter, my skin gets very dry so I am constantly looking for ways to hydrate and bring life to my dormant skin. I love coconut oil and I am always finding more and more uses for it. Most of which do not include cooking but with my skin because of its many amazing benefits. If you are looking to hydrate + tone your skin, reduce cellulite and stretch marks + add a boost of energy try this DIY coconut oil + coffee scrub! Super easy to make and only requires two ingredients, you probably already have in your kitchen!