Hi, I'm Marianne. Happy to have you here!

I am a UI/UX designer by day and in my spare time amateur photographer + travel enthusiast + a mess in the kitchen and a modest designer/owner of a greeting card company Ms Matilda Designs. I live in Chicago IL with my rescue kitty, Millie.

As a 30 something living in a studio apartment it has become important for me to live more minimally. I personally hate clutter and when my place starts to feel too full, I go through massive purges. My new motto has been buying less and having less. I would rather save my money for creating memories and experiences with travels across the country and overseas.

Native as Folk was born in 2016 out of a desire to find my style and try to live a more natural minimal lifestyle. This blog has become a creative outlet to share my personal discoveries along the way.

NATIVE adjective | na·tive |
: living or growing naturally in a particular region :

FOLK noun \ˈfōk\ |
: a group of kindred tribes forming a nation:

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the journey! Please direct all sponsorship, media and other inquiries to my contact page.

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